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With a cable thickness of only 3mm, electric heating cables and mats will give the lowest floor profile. Heating cables consist of twin core resistance wire conductors, with an outer sheath, followed by screening foil, an earth braid and finally a waterproof protective outer jacket of PVC. Electric current passing through the resistance wires heats up the cable to a given temperature - depending on the design output of the conductor wires. Cables are factory pre-spaced onto a mesh backing to produce heating mats with an output of either 150W/m² watts per meter squared or high output mats of 200W/m² designed for areas of high heat loss.

Heating cables and mats are earth screened and fully waterproof, making them ideal for all under floor heating installations and perfectly suited where wet areas like bathrooms and wet rooms require this type of product to comply with Health and Safety issues and current electrical legislation.