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Air conditioning

Central air conditioning distributes air or cold water to several rooms in a building, providing for a more effective air conditioning than stand-alone air conditioner units. If it's getting hot and you don't have an air conditioner or only have a single unit, you might want to install a central air conditioning system.

This is a guide on how to install central air conditioning.

  • Start by installing the air handler unit. It is usually installed in a basement or attic. Follow the instructions that came with the unit.
  • Install the compressor. It should be placed on top of a base. The space immediately surrounding the compressor should be empty. It should be placed on a stable and level surface.
  • Connect the compressor and air handler to the main power unit of the house.
  • Install the thermostat, if needed. Connect it to the air handler and main power supply.
  • Turn the power back on.
  • Check to make sure that the unit is working.